new buzz for platinum mosquito

Platinum Mosquito Protection needed the buzz of a new brand.

The South Florida-based provider of outdoor insect misting systems had been a regional success. But as it sought a larger roll-out, its corporate image, brand, message and look lacked a unifying corporate identity. As the company grew so did its need to differentiate itself from nationally recognized competitors – something the client could debut in a multifaceted and cohesive marketing campaign. Any outreach also would have to inform consumers about the product’s features and benefits.

Turning to long-time agency wwdb, client and agency execs discussed a marketing strategy that would update the company’s identity, educate its prospects, and provide a unique and scalable branding and advertising campaign.

The Branding utilized iconic images of a "house", "mist" and a "mosquito" enclosed in circles to visually portray the Platinum Mosquito Protection product. The contemporary look and feel, joined with bold typography and paired with the phrase "automatic misting systems", helped consumers comprehend the process. The look was contemporary the imagery appealing.

"A logo does not usually literally describe a clients business, but is a sign post that identifies the company and reflects its attitude and values, sometimes you can achieve both as in this case" says agency principal Manny Salomon.

The Advertising Campaign was developed to differentiate Platinum Mosquito Protection and drive home the use of its unique formula of natural insecticide delivered in a automatic misting system. The effort also avoided the competitions’ "scare tactic" approach focusing on biting insects and the diseases they carry. The essential lifestyle benefit was presented in a single phrase: "Life Without Mosquitos."

Creating original graphic design and imagery, Platinum was able to achieve outstanding awareness within the advertising vehicles utilized while distinguishing itself from competitors "It was our own unique look", enthused Suzanne Bell, the company’s owner. The concept was tested with focus groups comprised of Little League moms to business associates. The impression left was that Platinum was a sophisticated product backed by strong confidence of delivery on its promise.

When the new campaign successfully hit the South Florida market it wasn’t long after that developed into every element of communication the company produces including; Website, Vehicle Graphics, Apparel, Direct Mail, Brochures, etc… as a well-designed brand should.

"Key to the success of this was our hiring professionals we trust and respect, and relying on them to do their best work," Bell says. "After that, we went with our gut. No one knows our business better than we do. We tested our assumptions, and made some changes based on the feedback."

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